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AC/DC - Black Ice free essay sample

In October 2008, Australian hard rock band AC/DC discharged its first studio collection in quite a while entitled Black Ice. After its discharge, the collection shot to number one on 29 diagrams around the world, selling 784,000 duplicates in the United States and over 1.7 million worldwide in its first week. The track Rock N Roll Train was discharged as a solitary and keeps on being a top played tune on many radio broadcasts. Air conditioning/DC was framed in 1973 by siblings Angus and Malcolm Young, who are the groups guitarists, alongside drummer Phil Rudd and bassist Cliff Williams. Lead vocalist Brian Johnson joined the band in 1980 after the unfortunate passing of artist Bon Scott. They have created an aggregate of seventeen collections to date, including their 1980 discharge Back in Black which sold more than 200 million duplicates. The band has endure the trial of time by keeping a reliable fan base and a predictable melodic style. Other great groups have regularly surrendered to the weights of present day popular music, getting delicate, smooth and less perplexing. We will compose a custom exposition test on Air conditioning/DC Black Ice or on the other hand any comparative point explicitly for you Don't WasteYour Time Recruit WRITER Just 13.90/page This can pull in new fans, yet maddens a lot progressively faithful fans. Air conditioning/DC despite everything gives its adherents what they need, which is boisterous awesome with a lot of amazing harmonies, riffs and drumming. On Black Ice, they have made fifteen new and one of a kind tracks while as yet having the option to shake as they did in the early years. In the wake of giving the collection an underlying tuning in, the tunes Anything Goes, Smash N Grab, and Money Made were the most engaging as a result of their amazing and conspicuous guitar, bass and vocals. A large portion of different melodies take a couple of more tunes in to really appreciate. By and large, this collection gets a rating of 4.5 out of 5, since fans will acknowledge AC/DCs uprightness to adhere to their underlying foundations for thirty-five years. It is a decent proposal for any devotee of hard rock or overwhelming metal to look at this collection. Dark Ice is a collection that will be well known and impact the music business for quite a long time to come.

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Storm Born Chapter Four Free Essays

We were on one another before we even made it to his room. On the off chance that our activities on the move floor had been scandalous, our catching in the lift was absolute X-evaluated. Luckily nobody else rode up with us, which was something worth being thankful for, considering the tousled condition of our attire when we at last made it inside. We will compose a custom exposition test on Tempest Born Chapter Four or on the other hand any comparable theme just for you Request Now At the same time, some sensible voice in my brain continued murmuring, You don’t do this sort of thing. Be that as it may, I was. Also, I needed to, seriously. It was a decent room, to be expected in such a pleasant lodging. A jumbo bed offered comfort in the twilight room, and past it, a sliding glass entryway opened out to a gallery that disregarded the desert. I didn’t have the opportunity to appreciate the view in light of the fact that Kiyo pushed me down onto the bed, pulling my shirt off simultaneously. I’d effectively made a reasonable showing with fixing his jeans in the lift, so I had an edge in the race. At the point when we were both stripped, I saw him sit up and hang over the side of the bed, mishandling with the supermarket sack on the floor. We’d needed to make an unromantic †yet vital †stop for condoms. I was on the pill, however even in the warmth of energy, I wasn’t so stupid as to confide in going into unprotected sex with an outsider, regardless of how beguiling. Kiyo’s enthusiastic hands for all intents and purposes destroyed the case, making the little bundles dissipate on the floor. He got one and opened it, and I helped him put it on. I grinned both at his response to my touch and the way that the condom was a profound red. At the point when it was on, I respected him for a second. Every little thing about him was great: the state of his body, the chiseled muscles, the tanned skin. His eyes were dim and requesting in the diminish lighting, dark profundities that needed to wrap me up. There was an extreme quality to him, something basic and non domesticated. He respected me in a correspondingly examining manner not long before maneuvering me down onto the bed with him, laying his body over mine. Everything he did was kiss me from the start. All over the place. He tasted my lips again and afterward my neck, following its shape with his tongue. My bosoms held his consideration for quite a while from that point onward, however at that point, bosoms involved most guys’ consideration when in doubt. He held them and kissed them, gnawing the areolas, keeping his eyes bolted on mine the whole time. For me, it resembled hints of fire shooting under my skin, similar to his touch was a medication my body expected to endure. At the point when his face moved between my legs, it was uniquely to snuggle against the touchy skin down there, to run his tongue along where my thigh associated with the remainder of my body. He breathed in profoundly, covering himself against me as if he expected to take a greater amount of me in. He moved back up with the goal that we were eye to eye again, his body again on mine. My own body was in anguish, unsure with regards to why we weren’t facilitating things. I don’t recognize what look was all over, however he grinned at me. It was a knowing grin, a creature grin. â€Å"There is nothing in the world,† he said in a delicate, consuming voice, â€Å"like the smell and look of a lady going to let you have her.† â€Å"‘Have?'† I chuckled. â€Å"Are you considering me a possession?† â€Å"We’re all belongings during sex, Eugenie.† And afterward I felt him slide into me, gradually from the outset just as he would inch his way in and get me ignorant, and afterward plunging as far as possible. I figured the prior postponement around the voyage through my body may have made him less hard, however on the off chance that anything, he felt more enthusiastically and greater than when I’d put the condom on. He moved at a harsh, quick pace that in some other man would likely have finished things in thirty seconds. By one way or another I speculated that wouldn’t be the situation here. It wasn’t. I dove my nails into his back, curving myself up as if I could drive him more remote and more distant into me. As of now I was agonizingly full, yet it was a decent agony, the benevolent that hit the dance floor with delight, making the two inseparable. He moved with long, quick strokes, watching my face cautiously to perceive how I responded to each development and move of position. At the point when he hit a detect that made my lips part and cries develop stronger, he push more enthusiastically and all the more furiously. My cries flanked along the edge of shouting, and he moved his hands to hold my wrists and keep my kicking body from moving. The wrist that had been harmed with the keres grumbled a bit, yet it was lost to the structure sensation between my legs, that consuming fluid warmth holding back to detonate through me. In addition, I wasn’t being delicate either. I slipped my hands from his hold and gripped at his back, letting my nails dive in wild and profound, pra ctically hard enough to draw blood, I understood. That information didn’t make me stop. On the off chance that anything, I burrowed further until he grabbed my wrists back and held me down once more. It was the most unpleasant sex I’d ever had. Furthermore, presumably the best. â€Å"Don’t close your eyes,† he let me know. I hadn’t even acknowledged I’d been doing it. Vision appeared to be an unnecessary sense right now, contrasted with everything else I felt. â€Å"Look at me,† he murmured. â€Å"Look at me.† Our eyes bolted as the weight inside me at long last detonated, sending my body whipping and shaking. My shouts blurred to one low groan, the main way I could offer voice to the sentiments flowing through me. One may have thought Kiyo would back off from that point forward, however he didn’t. He kept up the equivalent vigorous pace, despite everything holding me, and it was a lot after that climax. I could see from his face that my responses stimulated him, drove him on further. I was his ownership at that time, similarly as he had said. My contentious, contender nature erupted simply at that point. I concluded that I didn’t need to be the ownership any longer. Strength and force administered my days; it would with sex as well. I moved my hands from his back to his upper arms and shoulders. Depending on the component of shock, I turned him over, utilizing my legs to nail him down, folding them over his hips. Satisfied astonishment poured over his face. He hadn’t anticipated that me should be so solid. He moved as if he may attempt to toss me, and I pushed him down. It transformed into a more unpleasant movement than I proposed, however he didn’t mind. In the event that anything, it caused the enthusiasm all over to develop. â€Å"You submit now,† I snarled, squeezing my palms down onto his chest. A grin turned at his lips. â€Å"Sure.† I guided him once more into me, excited that I was the one in control now. I moved my hips all over, hanging over so I could watch him slide all through me. My hair, since a long time ago liberated from its pig tail, hung over him, brushing his skin. I have hair the shade of cinnamon, a brownish chestnut not dull enough to be reddish-brown, nor sufficiently light to be strawberry. In this lighting, be that as it may, it was just a dim shroud between us. He forgot about it and rested his hands tenderly under my bosoms so he could feel their development as I rode him. Turning upward through my hair, I watched his face since I was the one controlling him. It was stunning. I moved quicker and harder, presenting to him right into me, watching and altering as I did. I needed to see him come so seriously, see the expression all over when he lost control. I realized we were close when his hands dropped from my bosoms to grasp my abdomen and hips. His fingers gripped firmly into my skin, similarly as mine had before. He kept his look on me, intense and unafraid of me seeing him in peak. I moved all the more furiously, asking him on, and afterward I heard a delicate, happy sound issue forward. His eyes never left mine, and his hands slid to the backs my shoulders, abruptly raking down my substance as his body discharged itself into mine. I shouted out in shock at the torment from where he’d scratched me. How sharp were his nails? Did he have claws? I’d dove into him as well however not at all like what he’d simply cultivated on me. When he’d recuperated, and his hysterical heaves had come back to ordinary, he appeared to acknowledge what he’d done. â€Å"Oh my God, I’m sorry,† he stated, his breathing still overwhelming. He pulled me to him, putting his arms around me, cautious to keep away from the spots he’d gouged. I laid my cheek against the warm, damp with sweat skin of his chest. â€Å"Did I hurt you?† I didn’t know which part of sex he alluded to †likely that last piece of scratching †however, it didn’t matter. â€Å"No,† I lied. â€Å"Of course not.† When we’d both kind of return to ourselves, we stripped the shopping pack again and created the modest wine we’d bought alongside the condoms. It had appeared to be comical at that point, considering our previous discussion on romance endowments. We sat stripped and leg over leg in bed, drinking from the glasses that had just been in the room. We talked a bit, and however the discussion was somewhat less meaningful than in the bar, it despite everything felt agreeable. It was difficult to be smooth after the wild, creature experience we’d simply had. I went to the washroom at one point and looked at my back in the mirror. He’d missed my tattoos yet certainly drawn blood and torn skin. It was alarming. I wet a washcloth and cleaned my stinging back as well as can be expected, at that point pulled on one of the rich white robes holding tight the rear of the entryway. Kiyo still sat on the bed, watching me, yet I left him there and took my wine outside to the gallery. It was an exquisite night. The prickly plants and other desert plants stood painted in shadows and evening glow cast from a full silver moon. Selene was out this evening, and I speculated she’d come through for me seconds ago. Crystalline stars embellished the obscurity. I had a telescope at home and pondered that it would have been a decent night to examine the sky. Then again, actually it resembled the

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Presentation Example

Presentation Example Presentation â€" Assignment Example > SPEAKER NOTESSLIDE 1:Line 1: Fire safety strategy in transportation: Passenger FerrySLIDE 2:Line 1: In previous years, the problem in transport vehicle fire safety is not being give much attention by authorities as they are more focus on land structures such as homes and buildings. Line 2: However, after some major incidents at sea, authorities are not giving equal priority to transport vehicle’s fire safety. Line 3: Based on some reports, the problems in transport vehicles particularly passenger ships are in equipment design, materials used in construction of the ship, and complete reliance to automation. Line 4: In marine transport vehicles, fire safety is more focus on passenger ferries and ships that contains large number of travelers. Line 5: This is because the safety of passengers and the chances of survival when a fire occur at sea is minimal. SLIDE 3:Line 1: It is more dangerous in ferry because there is no place of safety at when a fire occurs. Line 2: This is because t here is no escape but the sea and people are likely to drown and freeze to death. Line 3: Evidence shows that there are already thousands of people died in ferry fire accidents at sea. Line 4: Today, although there a better emergency plan and equipment, travelers are still in danger of fire for a number of reasons such as neglect and human errors. Line 5: Fire is always a problem because until now many people from all ages die in their homes, public places, commercial establishments, cars, truck, airplanes, and ships because of fire. Line 6: It must be minimized or completely stopped as it brings not only death but considerable losses to the shipping industry. SLIDE 4:Line 1: There a number of fire safety strategies that were designed to prevent and control the spread of fire in ships. Line 2: Laws and regulations are currently regulating materials being used in ship building. Line 3: A number of organizations had and are conducting fire and safety in the marine environment. Line 4: And a number of studies are being done to find the causes of fire and accidents in ships. Line 5: Laws are now requiring ship builders to incorporate fire safety in their design. Line 6: Similarly, a number of organizations are promoting code of safe working practices and safety culture in the marine industry such as regular fire drills and installation of fire safety equipments and devices. SLIDE 5:Line 1: However, it is not clear if these measures effective and really appropriate for passenger ships. Line 2: For this reason, identification and evaluation of fire safety strategies in ferries is important as to determine the extent of protection passengers would have while travelling in this type of marine transport. Line 3: Moreover, there must be an effective strategy that can prevent and control the occurrence and spread of fire to ensure that passengers are safe. .SLIDE 6:Line 1: In line with the information presented earlier, this study aim to understand the nature of risk in marine transport vehicle and build a fire safety strategy that could prevent or minimize the impact of fire.

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The North American Free Trade Agreement Essay - 1818 Words

The North American Free Trade Agreement, also known as NAFTA, is a free trade agreement (FTA) ratified by the three North American countries; Canada, the United States, and Mexico. Although it came under heavy scrutiny, it was implemented on January 1, 1994. NAFTA eliminated tariff barriers and allowed for a virtually unrestrained flow of trade, services, and investments. Mexico has been the country which was thought to advance the most from the implementation of NAFTA, but has instead become even more dependent on its neighbors to the north. â€Å"As an extension of the regime of globalization, NAFTA ensures Mexico’s economic dependency on its â€Å"trading partners,† Canada and the United States. Ironically, NAFTA does not facilitate the easy movement of people (Kunnie 36). The inability for people affected by NAFTA and the negative consequences on their land makes for worsening environmental trends in cities like Mexico City that take in migrant workers because ther e are no jobs in the towns they lived in before. While NAFTA allowed for free trade in North America, Mexico became victim to its lack of environmental protection leading to degradation of human life and health, deforestation and desertification, loss of biodiversity, lower quality crops, and intimidation of indigenous Mexican people. Biodiversity means the variability within and among living organisms and the systems they inhabit (2; Scott 2). The unique biological diversity is one of Mexico’s attractions with much ofShow MoreRelatedNorth American Free Trade Agreement Essay1398 Words   |  6 Pages North American Free Trade Agreement During the most recent race for the White House we heard very little of substance from both parties, but one thing both parties seem to agree on is that free trade has been bad for the U.S. worker. One candidate proclaimed that the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) has cost the United States hundreds of thousands of jobs and another distanced herself from free trade agreements all together. It has been over twenty years since the implementation ofRead MoreThe North American Free Trade Agreement1711 Words   |  7 PagesThis paper will discuss four components of the North American Free Trade Agreement: Background, events, pros and cons. Upon the research, you will discover four online articles to provide more detail and examples. This research will indicate how it was developed and the reasoning on why it would benefit the nation. Also, it will provide events that occur after the agreement was signed by congress and the recession the countries experience during the e arly 2000s. There will be a chart locatedRead MoreThe North American Free Trade Agreement Essay1420 Words   |  6 Pagessubstance from both parties, but one thing both parties seem to agree on is that free trade has been bad for the U.S. worker. One candidate proclaimed that the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) has cost the United States hundreds of thousands of jobs and another distanced herself from free trade agreements all together. It has been over twenty years since the implementation of the North American Free Trade Agreement and many have criticized it as a bad deal for the U.S. It can be shown thatRead MoreThe North American Free Trade Agreement1036 Words   |  5 PagesThe North American Free Trade Agreement also referred to as NAFTA produced results on January 1, 1994. A trade agreement was made between each of the three of nations of North America. The United States, Canada, and Mexico. The Canadian Prime Minister, Brian Mulroney, the Mexican Presiden t, Carlos Salinas de Gortari, and previous U.S. President George H. Shrub initiated the agreement. Connections between the nations were at that point on great terms, particularly between The United States and CanadaRead MoreThe North American Free Trade Agreement Essay1863 Words   |  8 PagesThe North American Free Trade Agreement, or NAFTA, is an accordance between the United States, Mexico, and Canada that was put into effect in January 1994. This agreement was unprecedented because it integrated three countries that were at extremely different levels of economic development. It changed the economic relationship between North American countries and encouraged trade and investment among the three countries to grow considerably. The purpose of the creation of the North American FreeRead MoreThe North American Free Trade Agreement Essay1356 Words   |  6 PagesThe North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) is an agreement negotiated by three countries; Canada, Mexico, and the United States. The main purpose of NAFTA is essentially to reduce trade barriers in order to promote international commerce, and open up different industries to trade, in particular textiles, agriculture, and automobile sectors. The introduction of NAFTA completely transformed North American economic relations and led to unparalleled cooperation between the U.S. Canada and MexicoRead MoreThe North American Free Trade Agreement1486 Words   |  6 PagesThe North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), an agreement signed by three countries in creating rules in trade in North America. NAFTA, when being presented, was described as genuine for helping Mexico and Canada. But was NAFTA really helpings those counties or really just helping N orth America? Initially North America was being genuine about NAFTA when talking to Mexico and Canada but in reality the NAFTA caused some uneven development as the years went by. I have two stories thatRead MoreThe North American Free Trade Agreement1804 Words   |  8 Pagesunderstanding the elements of trade blocs that enable open markets between member nations while also decreasing the cost of conducting business within a country is essential in making strategic logistical decisions. The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) has provided one such trade bloc that encompasses the countries of the United States, Mexico, and Canada. Since the inception of NAFTA in 1994, significant financial results have been achieved regarding increases in trade revenue and increases inRead MoreThe North American Free Trade Agreement1018 Words   |  5 PagesThe North American Free Trade Agreement, known as NAFTA, is a trilateral trade agreement between Canada, the United States, and Mexico. Signed January 1, 1994, NAFTA’s main purpose was to reduce trading costs, increase business investments, and help the United States be more competitive in the g lobal marketplace. The agreement would eliminate all tariffs on half of all U.S. goods shipping to Mexico and introduce new regulations to encourage cross-border investments. According to President Bush, tradeRead MoreThe North American Free Trade Agreement920 Words   |  4 PagesThe North American Free Trade Agreement (NATFA) shoved the American worker down a flight of stairs in the name of Globalization NAFTA or a bill similar had been floating around Washington since 1979 a year before Reagan took office. NAFTA truly went no where for over a decade. The â€Å"North American Accord† was first proposed by the Reagan and the GOP were always in favor of passage but, it was the Progressive wing, along with many other pro-union members in the Democratic party who held NAFTA at

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Ivan Pavlov s Theory Of Classical Conditioning Essay

Ivan Pavlov was born on September 14, 1849 in Ryazan Russia. He was a Russian physiologist, and his work lead to the development of the first experimental model of learning: classical conditioning. He began his studies as a theology major, and changed throughout the years to physiology at the University of St. Petersburg. He won the Nobel Peace Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1904 (Psychology History). Ivan Pavlov was a very intelligent man. He was known for working on and experimenting with animals (dogs specifically). Pavlov s theory of classical conditioning consisted of a dog, a bell, food, and salivation. He conducted his experiment in 1890 (Wikipedia). Burrhus Frederic Skinner was born on March 20, 1904 in Susquehanna, Pennsylvania. Skinner was an American psychologist, behaviorist, author, inventor, and a social philosopher. Skinner is known for his discovery of the theory of operant conditioning (Wikipedia). Skinner was a graduate from Harvard University. Although he understood the importance of classical conditioning, he noted that, â€Å"principles of classical conditioning account for only a small portion of learned behaviors† (Woolfolk 250). Skinner expressed that through operant conditioning, behavior is strengthened or weakened by antecedents or consequences. Both theorists’ work have a major influence on learning/behavioral concepts. Classical Conditioning and Learning Although classical and operant conditioning both deal with learning and the shaping ofShow MoreRelatedIvan Pavlov s Theory Of The Conditioned Reflex1706 Words   |  7 PagesRussian physiologist who created the theory of the conditioned reflex. His name was Ivan Petrovich Pavlov. Ivan Pavlov conducted a well-known experiment for teaching a hungry dog to salivate at the sound of a bell when presented with food. This experiment led Ivan Pavlov to become known for his development on Classical Conditioning, which captured the attention of everyone, especially physiologist and psychologist. Ivan Pavlov was born September, 14, 1849 in Russia. Ivan Pavlov’s father was a priest andRead MoreThe Theory Of Classical Conditioning And Behaviorism753 Words   |  4 PagesThe paper explores the life and the theory of a Russian scientist, physiologist call Ivan Pavlov, who was born in Russia in September 23, 1849 and died in February 27, 1936. His theory has delivered a tremendous awakening in Psychology, which was rooted by quite an accidental experiment of how dog salivate before and after conditioning. His fundamental study was based on digestion and behaviors that are evoked during an event and an anticipate response. Yet, his experiment awoke the twentieth centuryRead MoreRunning Head : Man s Best Friend939 Words   |  4 Pagescharacteristics and personalities. Ivan Pavlov didn’t have a particular fondness for dogs, but little did he know that through his experimentation with dogs and their neurological reflexes, he was going to reveal the similarities of conditioning abilities within animals and humans. There were many people that influenced Pavlov and lead him on to experimenting with classical conditioning in dogs. One of Pavlov’s main influences was Charles Darwin. Darwin was a scientist who had many theories he was known for butRead MoreThe Evolution Of Pavlov. Southwest State University Essay1477 Words   |  6 PagesTolbert The Evolution of Pavlov Southeast Missouri State University Abstract Pavlov was a Nobel Prize-winning physiologist who contributed a great deal to the field of psychology. His research into the process of the conditioned reflex is considered a milestone discovery in behavioral psychology as well as modern physiology. Pavlov focused on digestion studies which then would lead him to the act of learning and the discovery of conditioned reflexes. â€Æ' Ivan Pavlov was born in 1849 inRead MoreEssay Operant Conditioning1743 Words   |  7 PagesIvan Pavlov Classical conditioning is a method used in behavioral studies. It is known as classical because it is the first study of laws of learning/conditioning, It is a learned reaction that you do when evoked by a stimulus. Ivan Pavlov was the scientist who discovered classical conditioning. Ivan Pavlov was born in Russia. He lived from 1849 - 1936 . Pavlov’s field of study was physiology and natural science. One of Pavlov’s discoveries was the conditioning of dogs. WhileRead MoreClassical Conditioning And Operant Conditioning1146 Words   |  5 Pagesto comprehend B.F Skinner and Ivan Pavlov theories, it necessary to first describe the matter in which they are derived from, that is learning. â€Å"Learning is any relatively permanent change in behavior produced by an experience.† There are different kinds of ways that people and animals learn. People can adjust the way they learn to the different situations in which they are learning and what they have to learn. One form of learning is known as conditioning. Conditioning stresses the relationship betweenRead MoreBehaviorism As A Psychological Theory Of Human Development942 Words   |  4 Pagesor events can predict the way that most people behave or handle situation. It is also believed that ones behavior is effected based on the positive or negative reinforcements received all throughout a persons life. Behaviorism is a psychological theory of human development that posits that humans can be trained, or conditioned, to respond in specific ways to specific stimuli and that given the correct stimuli, personalities and behaviors of individuals, and even entire civilizations, can be codifiedRead MoreComparison Of Ivan Pavlov And John Watson978 Words   |  4 Pages In 1903 a Russian physiologist by the name of Ivan Pavlov first developed an experiential model of learning called Classical Conditioning (Lautenheiser 1999). An example if Classical Conditioning would be ringing a bell when it is time for your pet to eat. The pet hears the bell and over time is conditioned that when the bell rings its dinner time thus begins to salivate, and eventually learns to be conditioned to responding to the bell in a specific manner. The bases was that neutral stimulusRead MoreIvan Pavlov, John Watson, And B. F. Skinner1272 Words   |  6 PagesLearning Theories are one of the largest branches of modern psychology, branching mainly from the theory presented by Ivan Pavlov in the early twentieth century. Learning, as defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary, is described as the modification of a behavioral tendency by experience. In psychology terms, learning is often known as a lasting change in behavior as a result of experience. The psychology behind le arning became more and more of a focus in the early 1900’s as behaviorism (the theoryRead MoreChild Developmental Theories Essay1586 Words   |  7 PagesChild Developmental Theories When an infant arrives in the world they are helpless tiny humans who depend on adults for every need from love, to feeding them. It is amazing how these tiny babies grow into adults able to make decisions and become self-dependent. There are many theories about how children develop and what roles the environment plays, what people affect their lives and how events can shape their personalities. Some of these children have and easy life and some have

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Big Data Free Essays

The breadth of center’s MEMO inventory that encompasses all wireless phone brands is unmatched in the wireless accessory industry. 1. 2 Executive Summary This document represents the artifacts collected for the Customer Cell Phone Accessories Purchase Project at Accessories Fulfillment Center (AFC) located in Houston, TX. We will write a custom essay sample on Big Data or any similar topic only for you Order Now AFC needs to have a program that will engage its customer to get satisfactorily business experience. The purpose of this project is to develop a high level data flow design from the customer entering into the website to the successful purchase. Our mission is to create value. We want to deliver a service where customers can find and discover all cell phone needs that they might want to buy online, and endeavors to offer its customers the lowest possible prices. Every client has their own highly complex fulfillment and logistics challenges and we are here to help increase operating income, leverage return on investment, improve market agility, and achieve higher levels of customer service. We believe that our customer This paper will highlight the data elements needed to support such a program as well as the contracts and sub-entities that come into play. It will focus initially on the interactions required between our customers and systems as well as the methods they may use to make these purchases. Next it will discuss the data elements that deed to be considered in these transactions. We will provide a fully attributed Entity Relationship Diagram (RED) showing the entities, primary and foreign keys, as well as the individual data attributes needed by each entity. We will also cover the contracts held between these entities. A Data Flow Diagram (DVD) will also be provided to depict the flow of data through the systems and the work / processing performed by the system. This will cover the logical design of the system. Finally, we will discuss our decision analysis with a matrix of potential solutions and the final decision we landed on. . 3 Problem statement Many companies and institutions have lack of designed web based application that can help and offer better service to customers employees and administers. As AFC Houston, it’s official site of AFC web Just shows the basic information of the company and the variety of product. If customers need to buy accessories from AFC, they have to drive to AFC or make phone call to AFC. As we can see the AFC web is not customized and ineffectively to increase sale. So the main problem is the company needs an online shopping system in which can show office web information and has unction’s such as product lookup, customer registration, product ordering and online payment. With the new system, AFC can create value and offer customer a better shopping experience. 1. 4 Assumption There are two assumptions we assume for establishing AFC online shopping system: 1 . It is common for company to use network technology to digitize system of information management. 2. The customer prefers to use online shopping system to achieve the purchasing activity. Online Shopping System Requirement Analysis 2. 1 Requirement Definition E-commerce makes our shopping experiences more convenience, fast and versification. AFC online shop system not only needs to have the basic functions of identify the AFC online shopping system flow in Figure 1 . Then we define the functional requirements and non-functional requirements. 3 AFC online shopping system flow 2. 2. 1 Functional Requirement According to the characteristic of AFC online shopping system’s basic process, we define some essential components for system function. 1 Only the membership can use the function of shopping cart. Product’s information needs a classification to user’s search. 3 Shopping cart needs serial number. Members can inquire the order. Considering these components, the main functions of the AFC online shopping system are embodied in the operation of providing, saving, updating and inquiring which include member information management, product information m anagement, shopping cart management, order management and payment method. The figure 2 shows the frame of system function module. 4 System Function Module We can conclude more functional requirement in detail from the diagram above. ) Member Register and Login Before new user puts the products into the cart, the system will guide the user to sign up the new account† part. New user has to fill in the information such as surname, password, Email address, phone number. The existing member then needs to enter the correct surname and password. The system will check the data and authorize the member to log in. B) Modify Member’s Information User can modify their registration information after log in which includes surname, c) Administrator User Administrator is a special user; it can manage normal account, classify the products and deal with order. ) Browse the product All the guest and member can browse the products. E) Manage shopping cart Add products into shopping cart Br owse the shopping cart Member can see the list of shopping item includes quantity, serial number, and total price in their own shopping cart. Delete the products Edit the quantity of product Clear the shopping cart f) Order processing System will generate the order after member go to check in shopping cart. The system provide the function of inquire order to members after they complete the purchasing activity. ) Payment Method The system will allow member pay the product by Credit [Debit card payment or Papal. 2. 1. 2 Non-functional requirement a) Operational management The system should run on any PC, tablet Pc, mobile phone which can be connected to internet. MISSES 6 – Final Project The system should always be monitored by one of the administer during it’s working time. B) Security No members can access any other member’s personal information and purchase record. All the personal information filled in AFC web Just can be seen by registrants himself and the ad minister who has been authorized. The information should be protected during transmission by Secure Sockets Layer(SSL) software, which encrypts information member input. C) Cultural and Political All content included on AFC site, such as text, graphics, logos, button icons and images is the property of AFC ‘s content suppliers and protected by the United States and international copyright laws. Customer satisfaction is Oaf’s goal. All the question and complaint that the system received will be deal within 48 hours. 3. Orders are guaranteed to ship within 1-2 days. The Entity Relationship Diagram helps us better to understand our data stored into the database. Each entity table specified is on the basis of requirements needed to fulfill our Customer Online Shopping System. For instance, Product_Detail entity table represents the information that needs to store for every new product, it can be updated or deleted. Same with Member_Detail entity table, it is required to store data for every new customer willing to become member of the company. The Member entity table represents data that is unique for every member of the company, ‘e surname and password. The Cart_lutes entity table represents the number of different products that a customer wants to have in his shopping cart. The Shopping Cart entity table has all the information of various products kept in the cart y the customer. It is nothing but the shopping bag with all the purchase details in it. Payment entity table takes cares of the payment required to make by the customer for the purchase from the company. And 7 Order_Detail table shows the details of the purchase made by the customer. A customer can directly inquire the status of his purchase made from the company. Each attributes in the table includes the details required will be stored each entity. The following is the explanation of primary keys, foreign keys and cardinality of relationship of each entity table: ) Member Primary Key: – User_ID User can be of two types, either returning previous customer or guest. Previous customer has their information available in system so they Just need to put their surname and password but for new customer we required to have all the basic information. Therefore, there is relationship between Member and Member Detail. B) Member_Detail Primary Key: – Member_old Foreign Key: – User_old. New customers willing to be member of the company need their data to be entered. There is relationship between Member and Member_Detail and I:M relationship tit product. C) Product_Detail Primary Key: – Product_old All the wears and tears of the product need to be stored in this table. There is I:M relationship with Member and M:N relationship with Cart_lutes. D) Cart_lutes Primary Key: – Correlate_old Foreign Key: – Product_old. Product_Detail. E) Outcroppings Primary Key: – Cart_old Foreign Key: – Member_old, Correlate_old 8 There is I:M relationship with Cart_lutes table, 1:1 relationship with payment and relationship with Member Detail. This table contains all the details of product that a customer is willing to buy. F) Payment Primary Key: – Payment_old. There would be 1:1 relationship between payment and Cart_late and also after successful verification of the payment, there is 1:1 relationship with the Order_Detail. G) Order_Detail Primary Key: – Order_old. There is 1:1 relationship with the payment and M:l with Member. A member can directly inquire for the status of his purchase with the order_old. The Entity Relationship Diagram for Customer Online Shopping system of Accessory Fulfillment Center is shown below in figure 3. 9 Entity Relationship Diagram Logical design: Process Modeling (DVD) DVD is a graphical representation of the flow of data through an information system. Based on the functional requirement and RED, the processes and entity of AFC online shopping system is clear. We draw the context diagram and DVD level O diagram for our system. The context diagram defines how the computer system interacts with it’s environment. In AFC case, external entities are the customer who will need the various services from the system, and the administration office who will manage and request the reports. The figure 4 shows how AFC online system interacts with guest, member and administer. Context Diagram The level O diagram shows all the processes at the first level of numbering, the data stores, external entities, and data flow among them. We define 3 external entities, 8 processes and 5 data stores. The system data flow starts from the customer browses AFC web and register the membership. Next the customer will choose the product to shopping cart then pay the product which will generate the order. Each order will have a unique number for customer to track the order activities. The number will also help administer to manage the order. Administer is external entities who will do he background work such as manage the membership and deal with the order. The figure 5 and 6 will show each process event and the integrated level O DVD. DVD Fragment 1 Figure 6 Decision Analysis In order to measure how beneficial or practical an information system will be to an organization, we consider conduct feasibility analysis on the AFC online shopping system. The feasibility analysis is an evaluation and analysis of the potential of a proposed project which is based on extensive investigation and research to support the process of decision making. This part will elaborate the feasibility analysis from How to cite Big Data, Papers Big data Free Essays Data† was only realized after the scanners were multi-dimensional software were made broadly installed. One could say that the data were the available. Twenty-five years ago, Big Data genre- â€Å"exhaust fumes† resulting from the primary use of dated by PUC point-of-sale scanners changed the The scanners to eliminate the costs of price marking face of marketing in the consumer packaged goods Oust as today, Big Data are often defined to be data (CUP) industry by causing marketing spending to that are a by-product of the use of a computer to tilt ominously in favor of price discounts and away solve an operational problem). We will write a custom essay sample on Big data or any similar topic only for you Order Now Cent years, from advertising. Today, real-time digital Big Data generated by From the Analog Audit to Digital Scanning: the Internet offer the ostensible benefits of pro- The Impact on Short-term Marketing Strategies viding consumers with an easy way to find the Before the advent of scanner data, CUP marketers lowest price for any product while also arming had to rely on bi-monthly manual audits of stores marketers with dramatically expanded advertising to understand the trends in their brand sales and optimization capabilities. Arrest share at retail (See Figure 1). The data were Marketers would be wise, however, to heed the sessions of history and recognize that for all the not available until six weeks after the end of the bi-month period. Benefits Big Data afford, they also come with per- Then, suddenly, retailers and manufacturers had ‘Is that may not be as readily apparent. Ultimately, timely access to weekly (and even daily) scanner real-time digital Big Data must be us ed correctly if data. The granularity of these new data clearly they are to have a positive impact on brand health revealed the substantial impact of short-term mar- and improve marketing return on investment (ROI) kiting tactics, including temporary price reductions tooth today and in the future. Supported by newspaper advertisements (which communicated the price) along with prominent in- HISTORICAL PERSPECTIVE store merchandising support-?often in the form of How the Availability of Data Has end-aisle displays (See Figure 2). Transformed Markets Though auditing data showed a relatively stable Back in the sass, the motivation for retailers to bi-monthly sales trend, weekly scanner data clearly invest $1 50,000 to equip a typical supermarket with revealed the large and volatile sales increases that PUC scanners was not the value of the data they occurred when newspaper feature advertisements would obtain but rather the cost savings from not announced price reductions and in-store merchant- having to price mark each of the hundreds of thou- dosing support was implemented. Armed with this sands items on stores’ shelves. With scanners, it was type of granular information, retailers were able to necessary only to display each SKU (stock-keeping pressure manufacturers for more trade-promotion unit’s) price via a sign at the shelf because the check- dollars, and manufacturers-?as a result of the out cash register obtained the price for each undivided- tillers’ pressure along with their own desire for all item by looking up the item’s PUC code in the a short-term sales lift-?willingly increased their store’s PUC/price file as the item was scanned. With this advent of these new data sources, CUP marketing Business often looked quite stable underwent a fundamental marketing shift from advertising to price discounting. Bimonthly Brand Sales 50 Today, software giant SAP GAG reports that the average CUP manufacturer spends fully 67 percent of its marketing budget on trade promotion and 10 percent on direct- $ Millions to-consumer promotions (mainly cents-off coupons), whereas less than 23 percent is 20 spent on branding advertising. With so 10 much being spent on retailer incentives that, in turn, then are used to temporarily Jan-Feb. Mar-Par May-June reduce price, the concern that resonates July-Gauge through the industry is that brand equity Figurer Market Information in CUP Before Scanners: Brand Sales Measured by Bimonthly Manual Store Audits is being eroded as consumers become â€Å"trained† to buy on the basis of price discounts alone. That’s an unhealthy situation for any brand. Big Data in the Digital World: but weekly scanner data revealed to retailers and manufacturers the huge short- term impact of trade promotions. 70 % Volume Sold (Newspaper/Display/Price Discount) Dollar Sales -10 Jan 12 Jan 19 Jan 26 How to cite Big data, Papers

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English Literature Blood Brothers Essay Example For Students

English Literature Blood Brothers Essay Explain how a key extract from the play Blood Brothers by Willy Russell might be staged and explain the role of the chosen character in this part of the play.  Blood Brothers was written by Willy Russell, who was born in Whiston on the outskirts of Liverpool in 1947. The play Blood Brothers was first performed in a secondary school in Fazakerly, a suburb of Liverpool in 1982. On the first night it was performed in front of four hundred pupils, there were minimal props, scenery and music, but over the years it has been developed onto Broadway in 1993. It has been translated into at least ten different languages and is performed regularly all over the world. The play is set throughout the 60s, 70s and 80s with the main themes brought out towards the end of this period. Russells intentions in the play and the portrayal, reflects the idea of social differences. The social class differences are projected vastly throughout the play and the question of, Is a working class resident able to break free of their working class arises. Mickey and Edward are the key characters in the play and are both twins however they are unaware of this fact. This is because when the mother (Mrs Johnstone) gave birth to twins, she would have 9 children and this would have proved almost impossible to provide for all, therefore she decided to give one of the twins to her employer, Mrs Lyons. As a result, Edward goes off with Mrs Lyons and lives a good medium class life; this is a vast contrast with Mickeys life. The two extracts from Blood Brothers which I have studied explore the idea of the two brothers uniting and becoming friends. However, they are still unaware at this point that they are not only siblings, but twins. One thing they do discover is their mutual days of birth, and due to this they become Blood Brothers, hence the title of the play. In the second scene the two have grown up; Edward has returned from university, and still has not yet matured. In contrast to Mickey who has matured and even has a job, however as Edward returns, Mickey is made redundant. The first extract in my opinion is more effective because it is the very first time that the brothers meet, and realise they have the same birth date. At this point the audience are in suspense, wondering whether the two will realise that they are brothers.  Explain how a key extract from the play Blood Brothers by Willy Russell might be staged and explain the role of the chosen character in this part of the play. Blood Brothers was written by Willy Russell, who was born in Whiston on the outskirts of Liverpool in 1947. The play Blood Brothers was first performed in a secondary school in Fazakerly, a suburb of Liverpool in 1982. On the first night it was performed in front of four hundred pupils, there were minimal props, scenery and music, but over the years it has been developed onto Broadway in 1993. It has been translated into at least ten different languages and is performed regularly all over the world. The play is set throughout the 60s, 70s and 80s with the main themes brought out towards the end of this period. Russells intentions in the play and the portrayal, reflects the idea of social differences. The social class differences are projected vastly throughout the play and the question of, Is a working class resident able to break free of their working class arises. Mickey and Edward are the key characters in the play and are both twins however they are unaware of this fact. This is because when the mother (Mrs Johnstone) gave birth to twins, she would have 9 children and this would have proved almost impossible to provide for all, therefore she decided to give one of the twins to her employer, Mrs Lyons. As a result, Edward goes off with Mrs Lyons and lives a good medium class life; this is a vast contrast with Mickeys life. .udb5fbfe06331fa8afcaab4cb44656b54 , .udb5fbfe06331fa8afcaab4cb44656b54 .postImageUrl , .udb5fbfe06331fa8afcaab4cb44656b54 .centered-text-area { min-height: 80px; position: relative; } .udb5fbfe06331fa8afcaab4cb44656b54 , .udb5fbfe06331fa8afcaab4cb44656b54:hover , .udb5fbfe06331fa8afcaab4cb44656b54:visited , .udb5fbfe06331fa8afcaab4cb44656b54:active { border:0!important; } .udb5fbfe06331fa8afcaab4cb44656b54 .clearfix:after { content: ""; display: table; clear: both; } .udb5fbfe06331fa8afcaab4cb44656b54 { display: block; transition: background-color 250ms; webkit-transition: background-color 250ms; width: 100%; opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #95A5A6; } .udb5fbfe06331fa8afcaab4cb44656b54:active , .udb5fbfe06331fa8afcaab4cb44656b54:hover { opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #2C3E50; } .udb5fbfe06331fa8afcaab4cb44656b54 .centered-text-area { width: 100%; position: relative ; } .udb5fbfe06331fa8afcaab4cb44656b54 .ctaText { border-bottom: 0 solid #fff; color: #2980B9; font-size: 16px; font-weight: bold; margin: 0; padding: 0; text-decoration: underline; } .udb5fbfe06331fa8afcaab4cb44656b54 .postTitle { color: #FFFFFF; font-size: 16px; font-weight: 600; margin: 0; padding: 0; width: 100%; } .udb5fbfe06331fa8afcaab4cb44656b54 .ctaButton { background-color: #7F8C8D!important; color: #2980B9; border: none; border-radius: 3px; box-shadow: none; font-size: 14px; font-weight: bold; line-height: 26px; moz-border-radius: 3px; text-align: center; text-decoration: none; text-shadow: none; width: 80px; min-height: 80px; background: url(; position: absolute; right: 0; top: 0; } .udb5fbfe06331fa8afcaab4cb44656b54:hover .ctaButton { background-color: #34495E!important; } .udb5fbfe06331fa8afcaab4cb44656b54 .centered-text { display: table; height: 80px; padding-left : 18px; top: 0; } .udb5fbfe06331fa8afcaab4cb44656b54 .udb5fbfe06331fa8afcaab4cb44656b54-content { display: table-cell; margin: 0; padding: 0; padding-right: 108px; position: relative; vertical-align: middle; width: 100%; } .udb5fbfe06331fa8afcaab4cb44656b54:after { content: ""; display: block; clear: both; } READ: Brave New World Essay PromptsThe two extracts from Blood Brothers which I have studied explore the idea of the two brothers uniting and becoming friends. However, they are still unaware at this point that they are not only siblings, but twins. One thing they do discover is their mutual days of birth, and due to this they become Blood Brothers, hence the title of the play. In the second scene the two have grown up; Edward has returned from university, and still has not yet matured. In contrast to Mickey who has matured and even has a job, however as Edward returns, Mickey is made redundant. The first extract in my opinion is more effective because it is the very first time that the brothers meet, and realise they have the same birth date. At this point the audience are in suspense, wondering whether the two will realise that they are brothers.